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In the Hindu religion, Marriage is one among 16 Sanskars. Though in our modern society, it is quite common to see people getting married when they are in their 30s. People complete their education in their 20s. so, the standard age for marriage is 25 to 27 years as per the Vedic Marriage horoscope. However, it is the best thing to happen when your marriage is delayed. It is a rare case.

Do you believe that your marriage is getting delayed even though you wish to marry someone? Pandit Ramlal Joshi at Rajlaxmi Astrologer helps to reduce the delay in marriage. We provide solutions based on the birth chart and then suggest advice and effective remedies for delayed marriage.

Primary Reasons for Late Marriage According to Astrology

  • As per Vedic Astrology, it happens when certain planets in your chart are not aligned properly with each other. However, the reasons are unique and different from person to person.
  • The most common reason behind late marriage is misalignments of the 7th lord of marriage lord (Jupiter) and Mars in the 8th house – called a house of delays.
  • When your 7th Lord (Jupiter) is weak & is placed on the 6th or 8th house in your Kundali, your marriage may be delayed. 6th position and 8th position are called the house of delays and the house of obstacles respectively.
  • The combination of Jupiter (7th Lord) & Saturn makes your birth chart weak. Another reason for the delay in marriage.
  • When Saturn & Venus have a mutual aspect in the birth chart and Moon remains in the 12th house. The 12th house represents freedom from marital life.
  • When the moon and Rahu are joined in the 7th house and the 7th Lord (Jupiter) is debilitated. Thus, there may occur multiple obstacles to getting married for an individual.

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Remedies to Get Married at the Right time

  • Jupiter is one of the most valuable planets in terms of prospects. One of the best remedies is to respect elders because Jupiter symbolizes the elders.
  • Chanting Vedic mantras for Jupiter lords also helps. Also, Venus is important for marriage and is considered a synonym for female characters. So, staying humble, polite, and helpful towards females is another remedy to making marriages on time.
  • Another planet, Saturn represents Karma. To end delays in marriage, you should do good deeds in life continuously. So, cultivate some better relationships with working people.

Pandit Ramlal Joshi – Expert in Delay in Marriage Astrology

Pandit Ramlal Joshi also helps you by providing special Remedies To Get Married Soon and some Vedic mantras. Along with that, we deliver Powerful Solution For Delayed Marriage For Girls. Females can also contact us to get Delay In Marriage Remedies.

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